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Terms and conditions

1. will check to see before going to print that your image fits our template guidelines. If your image fits our template you will receive an email saying that at it has been approved for print and will go into production the same for the next business day. If there are issues as pertaining to the layout and it does not fit our template you will receive an email alerting you to the issue and a re-upload link so that you can resend your image.

2. Cheap print prices does not check for spelling issues, spelling grammar or any other issues besides that of layout issues in regards to our printing template which is available online on our website cheap print Although we do not look for errors such as spelling and grammar if we do happen to notice it we would rather let you know for continuing to print so that you can correct it. But we cannot guarantee that we will find those issues. We do offer rewards within our staff if they find such an issue, as we would rather alert you then just continue to print and get a sale.

3. Text size that appears in your print ready image is treated as artwork. We encourage you to always print out a copy at your home or office so that you can review for yourself how large your font is. If your friend comes out where it is too small to read that is the responsibility of the designer not the printer. However, if a concern is found we may let you know what it is not something that we would normally look for or guarantee we will find.

4. Cheap print will print what is provided as long as that fits our printing template guidelines. Cheap print assumes no liability when a client sends over copyrighted or trademarked material to be used in print. That is the responsibility of graphic designer to acquire those rights. Cheap print will not be held accountable for any copyright infringement that you or your graphic designer sends us.

5. Our team of graphic designers will only use licensed images that their rights are required for to be used in your print run. Unless that image is provided by the client as it would be their own responsibility to have that image created or provided for use in print.

6. Cheap print will always do our best to have your printed materials completed on time in regards to production. The time that it takes to ship is the responsibility of the shipping company. For example two day air shipping via UPS is selected but it takes an additional business day. That is the responsibility of UPS and we will not be liable for that.

7. Orders once approved and begin production cannot be canceled as they are ran alongside other clients printing jobs. This allows us to keep our prices as low as possible, but limits us as to that we cannot stop production once it has begun.

8. What your order has been approved for print and begun production no percentage of these can be returned. As it is an item that cannot be stopped in the production line as defined above and the fact that it has no resale value as it is custom to the person or persons ordering it. Mistakes made in the design of the item to be printed or the quantity is the responsibility of the person who is placing the original order.

9. Color matching, cheap print cannot and does not advertise to offer perfect color matching. The colors should be very close to what is ordered. Slight shifts in color can occur but colors changing to another color is an entirely different thing to ensure that your color stays consistent please be sure that you sent your images in the CMYK color format and also that your monitor is color calibrated. Doing such should eliminate most issues. Our print heads are cleaned daily to ensure that our colors are rich and very close if not perfect to the color that is being requested to print.

10. Cheap print may attempt to contact you via phone, but email is our preferred method. Email allows us to easily read notes over conversations if any issues occur. When you order a print run from cheap print you receive an email. You may also opt out of this email at any time. You may also be contacted with special offers for future orders.

11. Cheap print does not save credit card information or any other payment information. So when placing a reorder you will need to provide that information again for each order.