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Cheap Printing prices FAQ’s



We have many years of experience in the printing business. And we realize that people often have many questions especially when it comes to ordering on printing online. Allow Me to Address some of the more common questions and concerns when ordering from cheap print 

Questions on image preparation. 

Do you review the Images that I said before going into production?
Yes, your images are reviewed prior to going into Print production. We look to make sure that your image matches the guidelines for our print template. If everything fits any images correctly sized we will go into production. If the image is not correctly sized you will have the opportunity to re-upload your image. We do not guarantee that we are going to find typo’s as that will be considered more of a design aspect. I if they are noticed before going into production I’m sure our staff would rather bring it to your attention Then set it up for print as is. 

I need this very specific color of blue can you do that?
We cannot guarantee perfect color matching and that is Because The color that you see on your computer screen may differ because of the difference of back-lit front lit viewing.To keep our prices as cheap as possible to print uses offset printing for the majority of our printing jobs. Offset printing provides rich colors for your designs and colors that you select should be very close if not perfect. As long as your image is designed in CMYK color format. In fact we print for many large companies need to keep their colors consistent as part of There branding. 

You have different sizes and quantities?
Yes, cheap print can Most likely print your material onto any size and quantity that you are looking for All we ask is that you Contact us via our online quote tool and you will receive a quote within the next business day. 

I already have a business card that I got somewhere else, can you print it?
Of course sent us over your art file and we can review it to be sure that it will print correctly. Plus if we cannot print the design we can always have one of our graphic designers redesign your business card or other item for you at an easily affordable cheap price.