Cheap EDDM Postcards


We have many sizes and options available that are compliant with USPS rules for Every door direct mail® weight and sizes. Please select what size you would like to send out.

6.5×8 EDDM® Postcard

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6.5×9 EDDM® Postcard

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8×10 EDDM® Postcard

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8.5x11 EDDM® Postcard

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9x11 EDDM® Postcard

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9x12 EDDM® Postcard

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14pt Cover Gloss UV coated for extra shine and durability






6.5x8 $75 • $95 $95 • $119 $205 • $215 $291 • $319 $543 • $610
6.5x9 $83 • $105 $109 • $125 $207 • $224 $320 • $350 $610 • $685
8x10 $112 • $135 $156 • $173 $270 • $294 $442 • $475 $840 • $930
8.5x11 $131 • $155 $181 • $198 $322 • $350 $515 • $555 $980 • $1075
9x11 $138 • $165 $190 • $205 $350 • $380 $564 • $599 $1060 • $1159
9x12 $151 • $178 $206 • $229 $376 • $409 $606 • $649 $1143 • $1248

Cheap print will guarantee you that the postcards you see on this page are completely eligible for use with the United States post offices every door direct mail® campaign. These need EDDM® postcards fit both the size and thickness requirements.

If you are still a little uncertain on how EDDM® works. Or maybe you still have a couple design concerns. Then maybe the information below will be of help to you. Plus you can always contact us via email or by phone with any other questions you may have.

With every door direct mail® you do not need to put a postage stamp on the front of the postcard. This is because you will have any Indicia printed onto the postcard itself. Let's talk EDDM® Retail so that we can keep this as simple as possible. Plus the fact is it is the most popular way to deliver your every door direct mail® postcard campaign.

With every door direct mail® retail you can send anywhere between 200 to 5000 postcards per day to the addresses on that local postal carriers route. Finding which carrier route is the one that you should market to is easy by using the every door direct mail® route selector on the website.

If after selecting the carrier routes and you have an odd number of postcards leftover these make terrific leave behind for your local marketing campaign. To help save you the most money our postcards are printed only at certain quantities. So having more or less postcards for your selected campaign can happen. If you under the amount required to cover all the routes. The local postal carrier will deliver your EDDM® postcards until they run out along his or her route. Once you have found the number of postcards that you need

Step one: designing your EDDM® Postcard correctly for EDDM® delivery.

There are so many things to consider when designing an effective marketing piece that this may not be right page to explain it. So for now I will just cover the ways that we try to make it easier for you or your marketing department to order a compliant EDDM® retail postcard. The following ways are available.
• Download one of our Free Blank EDDM® Templates to use in your chosen graphic design program.
• Design it online with our free online design tool.
• Have one of our Graphic Designers create your next marketing mailer, or recreate a current one you already have.

No matter which option you choose the most important piece of your design is going to be having the correct EDDM® Indicia. Our online design tool and EDDM® postcard templates already include the EDDM® Indicia for you. Plus, you can always have us review that it is set correctly for your EDDM® postcard campaign

Step two: I have received my EDDM® postcards what do I do next?

Make sure that your postcards are bundled into sets of 50 or 100 postcards. Bundling your postcards depending on the quantity ordered can be a little time-consuming. As an additional option we can bundle your postcards into sets of 100 saving you the time. So that all that you need to do when you receive your postcards is apply the EDDM® retail facing slip label onto each bundles stack. If you do decide to bundle your EEDM® postcards yourself I find it easier to count a stack of 100 postcards on a flat surface and then have a slightly larger stack on the opposite side slide over the postcards onto the opposite stack and that should give you an accurate count. As these postcards are printed on thick 14 point material. Paper straps are usually the best for holding your stacks together for a snug fitting rubber band. It using a rubber band please keep in mind it can damage the edges of the postcard if it is too tight.

Step 3: make sure that your postcards are bundled and that you have filled out your retail we can slip.

Simply now take them to the local post office that match that carriers route. You will pay the postmaster the delivery fee for your EDDM® deliveries and that is it. EDDM® Retail is the easiest way to promote your message locally.