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Magnetic Business Cards

Cheap Magnetic Business Cards 1000 for $99

Business Card Magnets

Cheap magnetic business cards

Cheap magnetic business cards are the perfect low cost way to appear on anyone’s refrigerator providing a consistent reminder about your service in one of the most used rooms in the entire house the kitchen. Our refrigerator business card magnets can be used in many other ways. Magnets can be used on most cars, allowing people near by to help themselves to your offer.
Design and marketing tips for magnetic business cards. 
 • Most refrigerators are white or black, using an alternate color will make your magnet stand out more. 
 • Use an image that will make them hungry for your food, or one that reminds them of how easy your service can transform there day. 
 • Place a coupon or special offer on your magnet

Horizontal  3.5x2" 300dpi  3.75" x 2.25 300dpi 1125x675 pixels
Vertical  2x3.5" 300dpi  2.25" x 3.75 300dpi 675x1125 pixels


Magnet print material

23mil High Gloss finished


• Rectangular

• Rounded corner’s

• *Custom Shapes

* (please see our magnet page)
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