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8.5x11 Brochure

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Cheap 8.5x14 Brochures 80lb Gloss Book
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100lb Gloss Book

80lb Gloss Book Brochures with Aqueous Coating
An 80lb book Brochure is a great choice when you need a colorful and professional brochure at a cheap price. This 80lb material is Glossy and also has an Aqueous coating for a great finish and the Gloss will make your colors pop. Because of this Brochures low price and glossy shine this has been our most popular Brochure that is requested over and over again. Please allow 4-7 Business Days for production. These will ship out via UPS Ground with Free Shipping.
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Brochure Printing Cheapest Prices: 

Getting Everything You Need
Believe it or not, but many consumers still prefer getting information from something they can touch or feel like a printed brochure to reading off the screen. Brochure printing leaves a positive impression. It doesn't matter if you get it cheap; it still conveys something of more remarkable substance. Banks and other offices put brochures in their lobby for their customers to review while waiting for their turn. It is because time and time again, brochures proved to be the most effective tool to inform customers about a product or service.
Advantages of Brochure Printing
 1. As mentioned, brochures have a better chance of getting customer's attention than any other media, especially for business start-ups with a limited budget. You can find cheap brochure printing anywhere. It can cost as low as $1 to $3 to produce, depending on the design and quality. If you order by bulk, you may even get more discounts. Some printers even offer free shipping to the contiguous United States.
2. Brochure printing is, by far, the most versatile form of advertisement. You can use it to promote almost all types of products and services. You can also put it anywhere, like in the lobby, on someone's desk, or during events and meetings. They also come in different formats. Aside from the bi-fold or tri-fold style, they can be in the form of flyers, inserts, or folders.
Step by-Step Guide to Brochure Printing
Given the manifold benefits of brochure printing, it is worth mentioning that the content and quality of a brochure plays a significant role in the success of a marketing campaign. To avoid any mistake, follow the steps recommended below:

Step 1: Creating your content
Be specific with your message. Try to narrow it down. If you have many services or products to offer, try to classify them into a few groups and create one brochure for each.
A good example is one that we created for a dermatology center. A patient who comes to the clinic has a specific need. Therefore, she only needs information about her particular condition. Giving her all other information will not create any impact on her. Focusing on one topic will have more rooms to explain the details of a particular product or service being offered.
Create a brochure with your customer in mind
Bear in mind that you are making a brochure intended for your target customers and not for your reading. When drafting the content, pretend to be your customer. What information do you think a customer would like to know about the product or service? Write down the questions and make it your guide.Then think about the kind of person who would most likely be interested in picking up your brochure? Could it be a plain housewife, a student, or is the brochure supposed to be something that you will present to board members or investors? If so, then use their language to convey your message.Don't forget to speak directly to your readers by using the word "you." It brings a more personal relationship between you and your customer.

Influence your reader by highlighting the benefits
A customer is more interested in knowing what benefit they will gain out of your product or service. How can it help them? How does it feel like after using your product? Minimize the features and instead focus on how those features can help them.
Be direct and clear
There will always be a lot to say about your product. But are they all relevant? Or will they clutter the limited space that you have on your brochure? Make sure that you have a direct and no-nonsense message that conveys what to expect.Make your message easy to read by organizing the information correctly. And if at all, make sure that the headlines on the brochure are clear and exciting. A good headline will lead them to read the rest of the content.

Step 2: Prepare the Brochure Printing Layout
Now that you have organized the information you want to put on your brochure, the next step is to choose the perfect layout. When you go to a printer, you will be surprised to know that there's a huge number of folds and sizes to choose from, making it as difficult as choosing a copy.
1. First, draft an outline of your content by dividing your topics into different sections. This should help you decide how much space you will need.2. Decide on what topic should be laid first. The front cover is the essential section. This is the part where you get the chance to catch your customer's short attention span. You only have a few seconds of a glance. Therefore, the front cover of your brochure should be captivating by making use of an exciting headline and a visually appealing design. The image you put on the cover should depict a positive feeling to make them want to open up the flap and read on. This is also the section where you would like to put a line or two about the benefits you have for your customer.3. Section 2 of the brochure is the part where you give broad information about your product or service. This is where you highlight the different benefits they will gain from your product.4. Section 3, 4, and so on is the part where you go deeper explaining the benefits. This should contain information that will convince them that the solution to their problem is right in that brochure.5. If you have testimonials prepared, this section is where you want to put them. The aim is to give them affirmation about your solution. Be sure to include your satisfied customer's full name to make it appear legitimate.6. Finally, the last section is your call to action. You may have a form for the customer to fill up, a coupon if you have any, or you can ask them to visit your showroom or call for an appointment
Effective Ways to Distribute Brochures
There are a lot of ways to distribute brochures. Most of them will cost you nothing or cost you a small amount, but they will reach out to more customers. 1. Display your brochure in your reception area, where customers usually look for information.2. Pin one of your brochures on a local bulletin board.3. Find a busy parking lot and insert your brochure under the windshield wiper.4. Attend social events with a large number of people and give out your brochure to attendees.5. If you can find a business office or outlet that compliments your product or service, ask them if you can put your brochure at their front desk. Then, offer the same for them.6. If you send out packages to customers, you can insert one of your brochures into them. This is an excellent way to develop customer loyalty.7. Attend trade shows, fairs, or exhibits and distribute your brochure and all other marketing materials you have.8. A mall is also the right place. You can hand them out to shoppers or if the mall offers some bulletin board, then pin one of yours.9. Join a local Chamber of Commerce. Aside from widening your network, they also distribute their members' brochures for free, either by inserting them into their publication or putting them on an information desk.10 Always keep brochures in your car. You have to be ready with it all the time because you never know when you will encounter someone who might need your product.

Cheap Brochure Printing:
How to make it Possible without Compromising the Quality
Any business owner knows that the quality of whatever he gives out reflects the company. But to keep the business going, he also needs to cut down on costs to make sure that he is earning enough. How do you keep a balance between cheap brochure printing and quality?1. Order by bulkThe cost per print gets lower as you order more. This is most appropriate for campaigns that you intend to send out twice or three times a year, like brochures with coupons or forms.
2. Use standard size
If you think that creating a brochure with an extraordinary size can attract attention, think again. The truth is it is the design and the headline of your front cover that will entice a reader to pick it up. To get cheap brochure printing, use the standard sizes like 5.5 x 8.5 or the A4 size. Those papers come in big sheets, and those standard sizes fit the large sheet with minimal waste. Also, using standard sizes eliminate the cost of extra labor of custom cutting.
3. Design Your Brochure
If you have that artistic inclination, design your brochure. It won't just cut your brochure's cost; you will also enjoy doing it and lets you personalize it at the same time.But if you do not have the talent, you can find many printing services online that offer free templates easy to use. The free templates allow anyone to create a professional-looking brochure in no time at all.
4. Proofread it yourself 
If you know someone, a relative, or a friend, who's good at grammar, ask them to check your copy for any spelling, punctuation, grammar mistakes, or typos. This can save you a small amount of paying for a proofreading service that will do just the same.
5. Do you need the Z-fold? 
The most common types of the brochure are the Z-fold and the one-fold design. The more complex the fold is – the more it costs. If you can follow the guideline above about keeping your message short and clear, you don't need a z-fold.6. Go to a one-stop-shopGo to a printing company that offers everything that you need for your marketing campaign. They can give you a better discount since they earn a little something out of every service you need.
7. Finally, get your brochure done through an online store
You can have cheap brochure printing by engaging with a company online. They are capable of printing your brochure at a lower cost since they do not have to add space rental and sales attendant's salary to the cost.